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About the Marriage Retreat in a Box

When Dr. Corey Jamison married her husband Jon, they blended their families. Corey had three children, and Jon had three children, and then together they had one. Even with close and similar parenting styles, bringing that many people together (seven children under the age of 13!) was ... a lot. It was complicated. Really complicated. 

Corey and Jon needed time together to sort out how they wanted to be as a couple, as parents, and how they wanted to run a household. The one thing they did know was that they had made a huge investment in each other.   

Marriage Retreat in a Box

Bringing together that many people and making a promise to each other about who they would be as a couple in order to make their home secure, stable, and loving was a big promise. And one they had to follow through on. 

To sort through some of the hard conversations that every couple needs to have to navigate through life together, they started an annual marriage retreat. Each year they would figure out how to go away for one night. They couldn’t go anywhere for very long ... because who wants to babysit seven children?!

During their time away, they would lead their own marriage retreat. Corey and Jon used questions and exercises to sort through all of the most important parts of their lives. They would set goals and talk about what was in the way of achieving those goals. They have done a retreat every year that they have been married, and they continue to look forward to it every year. 

About DIY Retreats, LLC

Dr. Corey Jamison and Julie Bush are business partners and besties. They have worked together for over 10 years and, in addition to DIY Retreats, co-own a management consulting firm, Corey Jamison Consulting.