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Time for a relationship refresh? 

How to refresh your marriage

We are living in a time of multiple truths: there is great loss, grief, joy, surprises, guilt . . . . Name an emotion, and I can almost guarantee we’ve felt a shade of it, or its full weight.

How’s your primary relationship—is it thriving? Growing? Rebooting? Wheezing? Plodding along? 

This is the moment for a relationship refresh, and that means holding onto some things as an artifact of this time we’ve been through together, and are still living in, and letting go of some things—and I mean really letting them go. 

Holding on… letting go . . . . It's the most important work we do as adults. Holding on helps us hold steady to the core of who we are, to the values we’ve chosen to live and love by. Letting go “uncrimps” us—creates the space for us to grow and change and develop into the people we trust we can become—together. 

  • What has this time taught you about yourself—your strengths, values, how you see and experience the world—that will shape the evolution of your relationship?
  • What are you most looking forward to as we approach a “new normal” in your personal life? As a couple? What have you missed that you want to recapture, and what have you discovered that you want to explore and grow?
  • What will you miss about this time in your personal life? How can you recreate the positive feelings, but in a new and different way?

Take the time to consider these questions on your own, then with your partner soon— before the “new normal” takes over and the moment for reflection has passed.

About the Marriage Retreat in a Box
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