DIY Retreats

A Great Gift!

The Marriage Retreat in a Box Makes a Great Wedding Gift

For the couple is just beginning their journey together, for the couple who has been at it a while, and for the couple who wants to take every chance to grow their love and connection. 

The Marriage Retreat in a Box is a great gift to give your partner or a great gift to give a couple that you love. It is a gift that brings fun, generates excitement, and strengthens even the most abiding and time-tested relationships. 

Why does it make a great gift? 

1. It's fun!

“What a great bonding experience! Our favorite part was the conversation starters as they facilitated fun yet meaningful conversations. We learned something new about each after all of these years! This is a great overall product to help reconnect and open deeper dialogue with your significant other.” -Kenneth 

In these unusual times, we’ve all struggled to stay connected to the people we love- even if we are sharing (a lot!) of time and space together. The Retreat gives you a reason and a path toward slowing down to reconnect, to see one another with fresh eyes and to revisit the things that bring you joy and fun in your relationship. People leave the retreat feeling reconnected to the life they are building together, and energized for the new ways they’ll actively and intentionally strengthen their relationship in the future.

2. It's a great addition to a vacation or staycation.

“The DIY Marriage Retreat in a Box continues to be such a valuable tool for my partner and me. We completed it for the first time while on vacation, and it helped us create a healthy and positive framework for our relationship that we brought back into our day to day lives at home together. Now we take it with us on every trip to re-visit some of the in-depth conversations and the light-hearted conversation starters.” -Chris 

The Marriage Retreat in a Box truly is a ‘do it yourself’ and can be done all in one weekend or spaced out as an ongoing retreat. There’s no right or wrong way to do this retreat so couples can make it their own and enjoy the journey.

3. It adds immediate meaning and value to your lives together. 

The Marriage Retreat in a Box was a fun, engaging way to reconnect and regroup in our marriage in the midst of a move and a global pandemic. It’s always good to check in and level set with your partner- and this is a great resource!  -Katie 

The Marriage Retreat in a Box comes with two guidebooks to guide you through the retreat, conversation starters to spark connection, and note cards to acknowledge and share loving messages with one another. 

Couples (re)connect and (re)build their communication patterns through important exercises in five key areas: communication, conflict, finance, adventure and romance. 

Bridal showers, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries make excellent occasions to give a great couple you know Marriage Retreat in a Box. 

Want to bring even more fun and adventure to your own relationship? Giving a Marriage Retreat in a Box to your own partner shows them that you’re committed to (re)strengthening your relationship's foundation and continuing to build upon the good (and what could be a greater gift than improving your relationship?).

About The Marriage Retreat in a Box:
The tools in the Marriage Retreat in a Box help couples take steps towards building (re)connection and better communication, working through conflict, and finding (even more) adventure. The guidebooks and conversation cards are for couples who are looking to be intentional about the future they are creating together.